Business Liasion

BITS is an ICT based business liaison company. We work with corporate, small and medium enterprises, as well as individuals, playing a pro-active role in building the business in Nepal. Besides a strong network of relationships in Nepal, BITS works with clients in Government, INGo, NGOs, Banks and various Engineering and Service Consultants to deliver solutions essential for growth of businesses. Our Extensive experience in the domain of ICT Services has enabled us to provide customized ICT solution to the various corporate houses including the client of Nepal Government.

We have successfully bridged gaps between numerous clients, providing focused expertise on issues relating ICT, Infrastructure, Engineering as well as corporate domain. We undertake liaison assignments related to ICT, finance, investment, engineering, consultancy and businesses. On behalf of our associates, we interact with Government of Nepal for approval of certain sanctions and also assist our clients to build contacts with local, state and central government agencies and officials.